Olive Grove

Views of silvery olive trees dotting the hills will remain with you after your trip in Umbria. Most trees are ancient, possibly hundreds of years old.

Umbrian olive oil has been known for its excellent quality for a long time.

We produce artisan extra-virgin olive oil in our two small olive groves following a simple method. In the spring, we prune the trees. In the summer we mow the grass. No chemicals are applied, only wind, sun and rain.

In the fall, we harvest the olives by hand or with small mechanical rakes which don’t bruise the fruits. We then transport the olives as soon as possible to a professional mill where they are processed within 24-48 hours.

The fresh oil is beautifully green, slightly peppery but smooth at the same time. It’s fragrant with hints of bitter almond.

It’s fantastic on a slice of crusty bread but also drizzled as a finishing condiment onto soups, pasta and vegetables. A true essence of Umbria.

alla Madonna del Piatto artisan olive oil

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