Terms and Conditions

1) Alla Madonna del Piatto (AMDP) is a privately owned home located on a privately held working farm, and is a registered Agriturismo. AMDP offers apartment rentals for the purpose of tourism both directly and through its representatives. The minimum rental period is 5 nights with flexible check-in for the apartment and 2 nights for the B&B rooms.

2) The weekly apartment rental fee and the B&B room fees are quoted by AMDP in  Euro and include the cost of lodging and all utilities (electricity, water, heat). For the vacation rental, 1/3  of the rental fee is due as a non refundable deposit upon reservation, and the remaining 2/3  is due upon departure from AMDP unless paid through an agency including Online Travel Agencies. In case of direct reservation the balance due upon arrival may be paid preferably in cash.

For the B&B rooms, of 1/3 of the total cost (minimum one night) will be charged if you cancel your reservation later than 90 days before arrival. Bookings made by third parties like agencies or by groups will be charged in full at the time of reservation. Payment is refundable minus 1/3 in case of cancellation later than 90 days before arrival. Please note that for a small company like ours, late cancellation is a serious problem, so please let us know of changes of travel plans at your earliest convenience. After arrival, payment is due for the entire duration of the period which has been reserved even in case you decide to leave earlier.

Cooking classes canceled with a last minute notice will be charged in full. We do our best to offer  nice accommodations and warm hospitality, however if you are unhappy with anything please help us to verify any problems immediately after your arrival. We regret we cannot make exceptions to the above rules. To avoid disappointment, please consider travel insurance.

After arrival please be prepared to pay in cash, no credit cards, traveler cheques or foreign currency. In Assisi there is a number of ATM machines accepting international bank cards, so it is not a problem to obtain cash locally. Please note that during week-ends and major holidays ATM machines tend to be empty or to limit the amounts that can be taken. Payment by credit card is possible however but it is subjected to an additional fee of 5% of the total cost of the stay.

AMDP only accepts guests who have made advance reservations. The reservation is only valid for the specific guests indicated on our confirmation messages. The transferral of resevrations from one party of guests to another, or the addition of guests, is prohibited. If AMDP discovers a discrepancy between the name and number of guests indicated on the reservation voucher and those occupying the apartment, you will be asked to leave and will not receive a refund.

4) We also require your credit card information to cover any damage or breakages. Please note that as a gesture of goodwill, we will not charge a damage deposit at the time of reservation. We will also not charge for minor accidents as an occasional broken glass or a single stained towel. However, we will ask guests to inspect the apartment or rooms before your departure and we would be grateful if you will return it to us in the same good conditions as you have found it. Significant damage (more than €20) must be paid in cash  before departure or by credit card in case you have been unable to report it to us. This includes damage to structure, furnishings, furniture, equipment, or surrounding estate. Damage claims are at the discretion of AMDP, especially if not declared before departure.

5) Check-in time is from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm . Please call/write in case you would need to arrive at other times during the day, so we make sure to be home. Accommodations might not be ready before 4:00 p.m.  As we do not have a concierge, we are unable to accept arrivals after 9:00 p.m. and on Sunday mornings until 4:00 p.m. Check-out time is from 8:00 am to 10:00 am on the final day of the reservation. Please try to observe these times, as AMDP must clean and service rooms and the apartment between guests. Please notify AMDP of any conflicts before the arrival or departure date. Upon their arrival, guests must present AMDP with their passports or identification cards (for EC citizens) for registration purposes (as required by Italian law). Guests are then provided with a key to their accommodations, which they maintain for the duration of their stay and which must be returned to AMDP upon departure.

6) AMDP is not responsible for transportation of guests to and from airports or for the duration of their stay.

7) The apartment at AMDP is furnished with a kitchen and laundry facilities. Guests are responsible for their own meals for the duration of their stay. AMDP services and cleans the apartments between guests, but guests are responsible for maintaining their own housekeeping and laundry for the duration of their stay. Guests are not required to clean their apartment before vacating it, but those who leave an excessively dirty or disorderly apartment upon their departure will be charged a EUR 50.00 supplementary cleaning fee, at the discretion of AMDP and to be paid at time of departure or charged to your credit card after departure. AMDP asks that guests wash their dishes and wipe down the kitchen before their departure. Guests who neglect to do this will be charged the supplementary cleaning fee. Guests who rent apartments for more than one week may ask to have the apartment serviced and cleaned half way their stay. This is free of charge.

8) AMDP is a private property and is surrounded by neighboring private properties. AMDP asks guests to be respectful of fellow guests, AMDP residents, and neighbors. If guests fail to adhere to the common code of courtesy, AMDP retains the right to ask them to immediately vacate the apartment. They do not receive a refund.

9) Guests are recommended to lock doors and close windows when leaving the apartment. AMDP is not responsible for valuables left in the apartment. Please note that at our altitude the weather can change suddenly and rainwater and windows might damage the apartment.

10) AMDP welcomes children, but must be notified when reservations are made. AMDP is situated on a working farm, which presents hazards to children and adults alike. No guest is ever allowed in the barns or sheds or on or near the farm machinery and equipment. Children must be supervised by an adult at all times. If a guest has an infant, they must notify AMDP when making reservations. AMDP is only able to provide a crib for infant guests if notified in advance.

11) Domestic animals or pets of any kind are strictly prohibited. Reservations are immediately cancelled without refund if guests arrive with pets, or if pets are found on AMDP property during the stay.

12) Smoking is strictly permitted outdoors only. Cigarette, pipe, and cigar smoking are prohibited inside all AMDP apartments and rooms.

13) Our agriturismo features, location and services are amply documented online on our websites as well as on websites publishing reviews, maps and photos of the building, surroundings and services. AMDP does not give refunds in case of bad weather, insect bites, seismic activity, power or water service interruption for causes beyond our control, or dislike of the features of the apartment, rooms and location published in our websites.  In case of doubts with any of the above please contact us for additional information.

14) Please be aware that Italian energy conservation statutes strictly control the heating of private properties in Italy. We are only allowed to heat our home from November to April, and the inside temperature is comfortable but guests are recommended to adopt suitable clothing to the weather.

15) In the event of any dispute, the court of law of Perugia will have jurisdiction.

16) Acceptance of the reservation involves agreement with all the above. If, upon reading these General Conditions, you have a question or problem, you must immediately contact AMDP. All guests who receive the General Conditions are assumed to have read, understood, and agreed to points 1 through 16. You do not receive a refund if there is any dispute regarding these Conditions after your arrival.


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