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cooking class in Assisi at Alla Madonna del Piatto

Would you like to share a day with an Italian family? In an Italian kitchen? Letizia invites you to our hands-on cookery classes

Experience authentic home cooking

As a traveler, you can sample Italy’s famed cuisine in various great restaurants, but cooking at someone’s home offers you a unique opportunity to savor the true Italian flavors and traditions. When Ruurd and I opened our bed and breakfast in the countryside near Assisi in Umbria, we wanted to share our enthusiasm for Italy’s culinary culture. That’s why we’d like to give you the opportunity to share a day in our beautiful kitchen.

Why cooking is important in Italy

The essence of Italian family life is found in cooking. In addition, much of the social life in Italy revolves around the dining table. School friends and professional colleagues alike often meet for home-cooked dinners, during which they will proudly present their new recipes and comment on a wine from their favorite winery. Individual budget might limit the choice of food and beverage, but everyone shares the same enthusiasm for the national cuisine and has strong opinions regarding its preparation.


Your teacher’s qualifications

I am a home-taught cook. I spent my childhood in the kitchen helping my mother make not only our everyday meals, but also the elaborate holiday dishes she would prepare for the large groups of relatives who would gather in our dining room throughout the year.  Half of my extended family is Sicilian, so we will prepare recipes based on my personal interpretation of Umbrian and Sicilian dishes characterized by a fresh, light, and simple taste.

What will you learn

The atmosphere of our classes is friendly and informal, providing a blend of traditional and modern Italian cooking techniques. You will first learn how to select the best ingredients for your pantry. You will then use these delicacies – and other ingredients picked up locally and in our own herb garden – to prepare an authentic Italian meal.

With a view of the garden, our spacious and professionally equipped kitchen is a perfect setting for a gourmet experience for you and your cooking companions. My classes are also suitable for chefs and restaurant owners who are interested in home food, need to do menu research or expand their repertoire with Umbrian recipes. See the detailed class program in the next page.

To book, please send us an email.


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Cooking Class Program

The class starts at 11:00 a.m. at Alla Madonna del Piatto. After a glass of wine and – if the weather allows – a walk in our herb garden, we will put on aprons and assemble around our old farmhouse table. We will then begin making ravioli, tagliatelle, or lasagne and their wonderful sauces. Winter …

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