Comfortably Green

eco friendly B&B in Umbria

Ever since we have started our agriturismo – a decade ago – we have committed ourselves to create an authentic experience of home hospitality for our guests as well as reducing our impact on nature.

We have conserved as much as possible of the original architecture and materials, like stone, wood and terra-cotta. We have installed beautiful double glazed windows, a low consumption heating system and natural-fibre acoustic insulation.

Since April 2012 the whole house runs on renewable energy except the cooking stove.

This has been our most important environmental friendly project. We now produce all the electricity we need with photovoltaic panels. Hot water and heating are provided by thermal panels and a wood furnace.

There’s more eco-friendly gestures we make on a daily basis to make sure our guests will feel like home.

  • All our linen, most bed covers and the top layers of mattresses are made of natural fibers, like cotton or wool.
  • Most of our furniture, rugs and doors are old. We have often salvaged them from being discarded and patiently restored them to new life. Beds are new and of good quality.
  • We use eco-friendly detergents for cleaning, we have eliminated mono-dose soaps from bathrooms and use recycled paper napkins and washable table sets.
  • Not only we recycle glass, paper, and plastic, but we have started a wormery to compost kitchen leftovers.
  • We don’t use pesticides or chemical fertilizers in our garden and olive grove and encourage the development of native plants.
  • Our cooking classes focus on the use and cultural value of local foods and drinks.

We have invested seriously on preserving our little corner of Earth and have made a commitment to improve. We do realize however that despite all our efforts, becoming green is a journey. This is only a beginning.

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Olive Oil

alla Madonna del Piatto artisan olive oil

Views of silvery olive trees dotting the hills will remain with you after your trip in Umbria. Most trees are ancient, possibly hundreds of years old.

Umbrian olive oil has been known for its excellent quality for a long time.

We produce artisan extra-virgin olive oil in our two small olive groves following a simple method. In the spring, we prune the trees. In the summer we mow the grass. No chemicals are applied, only wind, sun and rain.

In the fall, we harvest the olives by hand or with small mechanical rakes which don’t bruise the fruits. We then transport the olives as soon as possible to a professional mill where they are processed within 24-48 hours.

The fresh oil is beautifully green, slightly peppery but smooth at the same time. It’s fragrant with hints of bitter almond.

It’s fantastic on a slice of crusty bread but also drizzled as a finishing condiment onto soups, pasta and vegetables. A true essence of Umbria.

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Things to do and see in Umbria

Piano Grande di Castelluccio, in the Sibilline Mountains

Umbria is small, you can visit most attractions  during a day trip from Assisi.

Here below you find a list of itineraries which can be done by car in one day at a relaxed pace. We recommend not to rush between one or another destination. Beside visiting monuments do allow the time to enjoy good local restaurants, wineries or artisan workshops or simply to sit at a cafè with a glass of wine and enjoy the scenery.

From our home, Orvieto and Norcia are the furthest away sites, about 1 and 1/2 hr. drive (100 km/ 62 miles). All the rest is within 30-50 min drive from Alla Madonna del Piatto.

  • Day 1  – Assisi
  • Day 2  – Gubbio
  • Day 3  – Perugia (National Gallery and Home Museums)
  • Day 4  – Valnerina (Abbey of San Pietro in Valle) and Spoleto
  • Day 5  – small villages: Bevagna, Montefalco (wine tasting), Foligno
  • Day 6  – more small villages: Spello, Trevi, Castello di Campello
  • Day 7  – Deruta (majolica pottery) and Torgiano (wine museum)
  • Day 8  – Visso, Piano Grande di Castelluccio and Norcia
  • Day 9  – Orvieto, Civita di Bagnoregio and Todi
  • Day 10 – Trasimeno Lake round trip: Castiglione del Lago, Panicale, Passignano, Isola Maggiore (lace)

What else is nearby:

  • Urbino, the Frasassi Caves and the Conero Marine Park in the Marche as well as Siena and Cortona in Southern Tuscany are all within 1 and 1/2 hr drive from Assisi.
  • The magnificent gardens of Villa D’Este in Tivoli make a good stop over if you need a place to visit on your way to/from Rome airport.


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