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Vieni a conoscerci presso la meravigliosa cantina di Filippo per questo evento per gli appassionati di cibo e scrittura. E se vi ispiriamo speriamo poi di incontrarvi qui Alla Madonna del Piatto vicino ad Assisi!

Ecco le nostre attività:

Ti invitiamo ad un esperienza diversa del cucinare insieme. Le nostre lezioni sono per coloro che cercano ispirazione, riflettono, ricercano. Parleremo del potere degli ingredienti e della loro storia, dell’estrazione degli aromi, di come introdurre leggerezza e salute in cucina senza rinunciare alla tradizione. E assaggeremo tante cose buone e semplici da realizzare.

Se sei alle prime armi, vuoi ampliare il tuo repertorio, vuoi imparare a sviluppare ricette e menù per passione o a scopi professionali, possiamo creare un programma speciale per te.

Vorresti imparare e a raccontare il cibo e le sue mille forme? Vuoi iniziare o migliorare il tuo blog come hobby o per lavoro? Hai un manoscritto nel cassetto e lo vorresti pubblicare? Affronteremo come si scrive una ricetta in modo professionale, come creare una storia sul cibo
come autopubblicare un libro di cucina e basi di marketing e social media per farlo conoscere al pubblico.

Le lezioni di cucina sono disponbili anche presso una location a vostra scelta, sia privata che aziendale e anche per gruppi grandi, in italiano o inglese.
Se non hai tempo, progettiamo e realizziamo la tua pubblicazione di cucina in italiano o inglese.
Ospitiamo in azienda laboratori creativi e di coaching per piccoli gruppi.

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September events you don’t want to miss in Umbria right now

September in Umbria always feels like a new beginning.

After the fierce heat of the summer, the sun becomes finally gentle, sunsets are mellow. We might finally get some rain to clear up the skies. The colors, greens, golden and blues, brighten up in the afternoon breezes.

Thre is no end to the celebrations of fruits, flavors and traditions! Figs, grapes, peaches, pears, blackberries will keep you on a permanent sugar high. It’s almost like Christmas but the sweets hang from trees.

If you visiting Umbria right now, don’t miss the fabulous fruit as well as these 4 festivals which give you an opportunity to meet  the locals, learn, eat and drink to your heart content.


1. Festa della Cipolla (Onion Festival), Cannara 5 to 10 September.

Onions have been cultivated for centuries in the fields around tiny Cannara and have the reputation of being especially sweet and tender.

La Festa della Cipolla is one of the most popular festivals in Umbria and obviously is about everything onion: visitors dine on an “all onion menu” which even includes onion based desserts. There is also a lively market and an Onion singing contest. Will the singers be awarded a golden onion? Do go see it to believe it!

2. Giostra della Quintana, Foligno, 3 to 17 September.

Umbrians are fond of medieval festivals but the Quintana Joust and pageant are baroque in all its magnificence. If you don’t find tickets to the Joust, you can always join the crowds for a Baroque dinner at one of the outdoor “taverne”.

Photo credits: Di I, Sailko, CC BY-SA 3.0, Wikimedia

3. Giochi delle Porte, Gualdo Tadino 22 to 24 September.

Gualdo Tadino is a pretty medieval town on the border with Le Marche. I Giochi delle Porte is a contest among the 4 quarters of the town named by their patron Saints: San Benedetto, San Donato, San Facondino and San Martino. The jockeys, each belonging to one of the quarters, drive small donkey carriages at breakneck speed through the town center. The winners will get to burn the portrait of the Bastola, a lengedary witch is believed to have set the town on fire in 1237. If you visit, don’t miss the Rubboli Museum where you can admire and incredible collection of the family’s gorgeous lusterware.


4.Cantine Aperte in Vendemmia, Montefalco, Assisi, September 24

“Cantine Aperte” meaning “Open Wine Cellars” is a well known wine event which takes place all over Italy at various times of the year. The September events celebrates the end of grape harvest and the beginning of the making of the wine of the present year. It’s a wonderful opportunity to visit the producers and taste wines, like Sagrantino or Grechetto that might not be available where you live. We reccomend Saio in Assisi and Scacciadiavoli in Montefalco.



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Six delicious ways to cook eggplants this summer

According to Wikipedia the eggplant has a special place in folklore. In 13th-century Italy, the eggplant was believed to cause insanity. In 19th-century Egypt, insanity was said to be “more common and more violent” when the eggplant is in season in the summer.

I don’t know about eggplant-induced craziness, but similar believes, which seems largely unfounded, have survived well into our times. We Italians don’t generally feel the need to deprive ourselves of these nutritious and versatile vegetables and enjoy cooking them in many ways. I hope you will enjoy them too!


  1. Slice thinly, quickly blanch then grill. Marinade in your best olive oil plus garlic and lemon juice. A perfect side dish.

  2. Griddle as int the first photo above or roast whole eggplants. Swirl the sweet insides with ricotta and mint or basil to make a herby dip.

    roasted eggplant ricotta dip

  3. or make my lazy basil sformato a perfect appetizer or vegetarian main for 2.

  4. Stir fry Italian style. In Umbria we call it bandiera. It’s like ratatouille, but better.

  5. have time? go classic and prepare an authentic eggplant parmigiana, the real one with fried eggplants.

    Don’t know how to fry eggplants? watch my “vintage” video here (bonus: the little girl in the video is 8 years old Tea!)

  6. Have a crowd? make this fabulous Sicilian pasta bake, pasta incasciata, which feeds a small army and makes everyone happy. A great make ahead recipe too.

…..and if you feel a little bit crazy, now you know, it probably because of the eggplants.

Happy cooking!




PS. The new prints of  “A kitchen with a view” are beautiful and they have finally been delivered to Amazon (US/CA). All copies are signed by me, find them here!










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Four June events in Umbria you don’t want to miss right now

Spring in Umbria is a feast for eyes and soul alike. There are flowers everywhere Local hiking trails and mountain paths come alive with poppies and yellow broom, along with hikers, cyclists, and horseback riders. Everybody is out and about.  We have magnificent festivals in which many local residents don medieval garb and hold days of concerts, processions, crossbow tournaments, and medieval reenactments. Flea, flower and food markets flourish, especially on weekends.

You have too many choices and to litte time to visit Umbria? If you are here during this beautiful time of the jear, don’t miss these 4 festivals which give you an opportunity to mingle with the locals, learn about their traditions and taste some fabulous foods:


1. Fior di Cacio Cheese festival in Vallo di Nera, not far from Spoleto, June 10-11th. Join the locals in this picture perfect mountain village for a marathon of cheese talk , cheese games, cheese making and obviously plenty tasting and drinking.

2. Mercato delle Gaite medieval market  festival, in Bevagna, 15 to 25th June. One of the most beautiful medieval festival in the whole year based on the ancient village crafts of paper, glass making and weaving.

3. Festa della Lavanda, Lavender Bloom festival in Castelnuovo di Assisi, June 17-18th and 24-25th. Lavender of all colors with a view of Assisi in the background, bring your camera and a hat!

Lavender fields with view on Assisi Umbria

4. Infiorata Spello, the street of the beautiful village are covered in paintings made with flowers to celebrate Corpus Christi, June 18 . Visit in the nigh to admire the village people making these mesmerizing flower carpets with thousand of fresh flower petals. Return early in the morning to  see the result of their efforts before the Corpus Christi procession which will destroy it by simply walking on it to celebrate the sacred day. A once in a lifetime experience!















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